Markmark Productions: Street theatre company I have been involved with for many years. The funniest street performers for yards around.
British Academy of Dramatic Combat:
Stage combat training body for the UK.  
Ghost Detective:
The best ghost walk in York.
What a Palaver:
Street theatre, and Digital Paparazzi
Kevin Rowntree's stage combat page, another fight professional Tim Pollard's imaginatively named website.

Association for Renaissance Martial Arts: Lots of online resources for historic European combat.
Journal of Manly Arts:
Electronic Journals of Martial Arts and Sciences.
Historical music of the highest quality.
Medieval Drama Resources:
Index of webpages.
Internet Shakespeare Editions:
Electronic facsimiles of Shakespeare plays.
The Internet Renaissance Band:
Midi files of Renaissance and Medieval music.
Historic Treatises and Manuals On Western Martial Arts:
Jared Kirby's list of historic manuals available to buy