Some Videos of my work, much of it rehearsal footage, all of it my choreography.

I'm even in a couple of them

Promotional concept fight for RatCatcher with, by and for Light Films.
I'm the protagonist on this one, the first and last person I fight on this is Tom Fermor, who crops up in a few of these.
Tom Fermor again in a fight scene preparing for an exam the following day. Filmed on a old camera, hence the poor quality.
'For a Fistful of Sporrans'
A workshop exercise to put the big fight from Macbeth into a spaghetti western setting.
Imagine this with blood, and the bar on fire!
Starring Dan Styles and Sibylle Heidelberger
Daisy Leverington (and me) rehearsing for a BADC level 1 fight test the following day.
It may get a bit 'familiar' at the end, which is ok, as Daisy is my wife.
Romeo & Tybalt fight
Again a workshop exercise, short and sweet.